Edible Ink Products

IMPORTANT: Do not swallow / drink. Intended for food decoration purposes through inkjet printing use only. For confectioner use only and only for foods that are allowed to be colored. Keep away from children.
  • Cake Printers Cake Printers

    Cake printers bundled with edible paper and edible ink and everything you need to hit print and print your cake! Whether you are new to cake decorating and edible ink printing, or a seasoned expert, you can use this cake printer bundle to print frosting sheets instantly and from convenience of your home or directly in your store. Instead of buying an inkjet printer dedicated for edible inks separately, you can buy this edible ink printer bundle which comes with a brand new clean inkjet printer and a full set of edible inks prefilled! Get started easily, print the most edible photos you can and then just buy only our affordable edible ink to refill your cake printer.

    You should never use an inkjet printer for both regular ink printing and edible ink printing. You should dedicate an inkjet printer for edible ink printing so as to avoid contamination with other inks that are not edible.

  • Edible Ink Edible Ink

    You can now buy just the ink and refill your edible ink cartridges. Our FDA approved edible ink is used in cake printers for decorating a cake with any digital picture or photo. It is also referred to as edible icing or edible frosting. Edible ink is essentially ink you can eat; a perfectly eatable sugar-based substance. It is a delicious sugar food cut in small powder, so small it can go through the “jets” of an inkjet printer. As such, it is used to print images onto the special edible paper (frosting sheet) and then be applied onto any cake or cookie. The deliciously stunning result is a cake with a printed a digital image (any actual photo or picture) that you can eat seen directly on the top of the cake.
    Some great ideas for your printed cake could be:
    a nice photo of your baby, daughter or son on their birthday cake
    A special wish or message, tell it with a printed cake
    A loved theme or a loved photo printed onto a cake
    A commercial message or brand for a print cake used in an opening or other commercial, political or promotional event.

    Print with edible ink and your friends and family will be amazed with the amazing tasting and looking custom cake!

  • Edible Ink Cartridges Edible Ink Cartridges

    Edible ink cartridges are pre-filled with our special edible ink, a sugar ink that is tested to meet and exceed FDA and other health standards for food contact substances. These edible cartridges are modified inkjet cartridges, brand new compatible cartridges, that are made to work best with inkjet printing when used in an edible printer setup. Note that edible ink cartridges should be used only with edible inks; do not use them with regular ink as contamination can occur. Also make sure that you do not put edible ink cartridges into a printer that has been used with regular inks.

  • Edible Paper Edible Paper

    These are the frosting sheets (icing sheets), essentially edible paper, which are used to print your edible photo before applying it to your cake. They flow through your printer just like regular paper, and are used with edible inks so that you get your digital image printed onto the frosting sheet and then can be easily attached and mesh with your cake.

IMPORTANT – Regarding All and Every “Edible Ink” Products: Among other items, our website offers for sale regular ink/toner as well as “edible ink” for businesses such as bakeries, donut shops, ice cream stores, restaurants and other personal or business entities that print edible images for cake and food decoration. If you have ordered an “edible ink” product (cartridge, bulk ink or edible paper) please make sure that you have ordered and received the correct product by checking the packaging to make sure it states that it is intended for food decoration purposes. Do not use regular ink for food decoration and never use regular ink and edible ink in the same cartridge or in the same printer.
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