How to make a photo cake

In order to make your photo cake you will need:

  • Your cake photo, any format digital picture that you want printed on your cake
  • Your cake printer, any regular inkjet printer never used with actual ink and modified for use with edible inks
  • One frosting sheet
  • and these instructions!

If you need to refill your cake printer first read our instructions on refilling your cake printer.
Just send your cake photo to your printer as you would normally to print a photo. You can use any photo software to do this or use the software provided
with cake printers for the particular task of cake printing.

Now, that your frosting sheet is ready with your cake photo on it just place it on a counter with your cake photo image facing up. This will extend the photo and loosen the image as much as you prefer to cover your cake more to your preference.

ready cake photo

If you prefer further stretching of your cake photo image you can place the decoration in
the freezer for 20 to 100 seconds and then then gently roll the frosting sheet over the edge of your table or counter (always with your cake photo image facing up). You may try to let it rest for 5-10 seconds before actually rolling the frosting sheet.

stretching and preparing your cake photo

The cake image should now separate and pop off the frosting sheet. If your edible paper is the one that your peel the photo off then your cake photo should peel off quite easily.

place your frosting sheet photo onto the cake

You can now place your cake photo onto your cake!

ready cake with your own cake photo

More cake printing tips:

  1. Save the backing sheet of your frosting sheet. You may want to use it later for helping you loosening your next frosting sheets.
  2. If buttercream has formed a crust, spray with a fine mist of water before applying the edible photo image.
  3. Never add extra moisture to non-dairy whipped toppings.
  4. For royal icing sheets, add an extra mist of water.
  5. For fondant only, add a slight misting of water where you will be placing your cake photo design.
  6. Edible sheets for chocolate are easy to handle and do not smear. Specifically chocolate edible sheets:
    • Do not contain cocoa butter.
    • Do not require refrigerated storage.
    • Are Orthodox Union Kosher certified.
    • Offer extended shelf life.
    • Work well on milk, dark and white chocolate and coating chocolate.
    • Are fat free.
    • Are easier to use, handle and store.
    • Offer high-quality image clarity on finished product.
    • Are Made in the USA.

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