How to refill cake printers with edible ink

Inkedibles style cartridges can be easily filled.

Fill your cartridge through the refill port. If the refill port is covered by a plug then gently remove the plug. This plug is shown as #1 in the pic below but it could also look a rounded silicone plug.

edible ink refill

To fill an Inkedibles cartridge, remove the plug and fill the edible ink through the refill port below the plug by using a clean syringe and needle.

edible ink pour

The smaller cartridges should be filled with 5ml and the larger cartridges filled with 10ml of ink. The cartridges can hold a greater capacity, but it is always better to under-fill rather than to over-fill edible ink cartridges to avoid leaking. Inkedibles cartridges come with auto-resettable chips allowing unlimited edible refills. However, it is recommended to refill edible cartridges for a maximum of 3 times to maintain their highest quality of printing onto the frosting sheet. After many refills, for example, the cartridge outlet may wear out.

How to install your Inkedibles cartridges

1. Remove the pull-tab on the top of the cartridge that says “PULL”. This exposes a small breathing hole that the cartridge needs in order to function. Remember that edible cartridges need enough air so that the sugar ink can be adequately jetted through the edible printer by the printhead.
edible cartridge pull tab

2. Twist the orange cap off the bottom of the cartridge to expose the outlet port for the ink.
edible cartridge outlet

3. The cartridge is now ready to be installed into your printer. Make sure the cartridge “clicks” into place by pushing it down into its corresponding slot.
edible cartridge cake printer installation

How to refill your edible cartridge.

First, remove the refill plug (this exposes the refill port).

TIP: To maintain the best quality and prevent print head clogging, we recommend turning your printer OFF and then back ON every day it is not in use.
Edible inks are made with water-based food coloring, they include sugar and color. If you leave the printer idle for too long, the liquid from the cartridges may evaporate slightly, leaving behind deposits which can crystallize and clog up your printer print heads. By turning your printer on and then off once a day, your printer will do a cleaning cycle and keeps the inks flowing through the print-heads, preventing clogs.

If your print-heads do clog up due to non-use, you can:
1. Run a print-head cleaning cycle in your printer (check your printer menu settings),

OR for more severe clogging:

Use our food safe edible print-head “cleaning cartridges”. Install them as you would a regular cartridge and use them to print any picture (the print head cleaning solution will flow through the printheads and flush out deposits). Finally, run a print-head cleaning
cycle with the cartridges installed. If you intend to leave your Edible Inks Printer unattended to for a prolonged period of time, it is recommended to leave the “cleaning cartridges” installed in the printer.


For the best quality of your printed frosting sheets, just check out our instructions for the best quality cake printer settings.


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